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Dip Base

Dip Base

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Unbreakable Bond, Effortless Shine: Conquer Your Dip Mani with These Essential Liquids!

Nail the perfect dip manicure from root to tip with our premium base and activator liquids! This dynamic duo forms the foundation for flawless, chip-resistant dips that last weeks, not days.

Meet your new manicure power couple:

    • Base Coat: This resin-based formula creates a super-strong bond between your natural nails and dip powder, ensuring no peeling, lifting, or flaking. Smoothens imperfections and evens out the nail surface for an impeccable base.
    • Activator: This magic potion seals and hardens the dip powder instantly, transforming it into a super-strong, high-gloss shield. Say goodbye to waiting under drying lamps and hello to lightning-fast results!

Together, they unlock a world of dip-tastic possibilities:

    • Long-lasting wear: Enjoy 21+ days of chip-free perfection with proper application.
    • Dazzling shine: Witness your dips come alive with brilliant, mirror-like brilliance.
    • Effortless application: Smooth, easy brush-on formulas for a professional-looking finish, even for beginners.

Don't settle for second-best. Elevate your dip game with this essential duo and get ready to flaunt your flawless nails with confidence!

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Absolutely love this product and the lady running the show. These are a game changer, highly recommend trying these dips.